From Sept. 2015
University of Bern
Doctoral candidate/Research Assistant at the Institute of Sociology Doctoral project Governing the Deportation Limbo: State responses to non-deported migrants in Denmark and Sweden (2015-19).
2013 -2014
London School of Economics and Political Science
MSc in Comparative Politics, specialising in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics
Title of dissertation: "Let the Right One In? Sovereign Borders and Banal Racism in the Post-national Nation State"
2009 - 2013
Uppsala University
MSc in Political Science
Title of dissertation: "The Temporary Suspension of Refugee Law: An analysis of the Swedish use of temporary protection for Syrian refugees" (in Swedish)
  • Migration and border control
  • State, power and bureaucracy
  • Sociolegal studies
  • Qualitative research methods

Journal articles

  • Lindberg, Annika and Lisa Marie Borrelli. 2019. “Let the right one in? On European migration authorities’ resistance to research.” Social Anthropology, 27(S1): 17–32.
  • Suárez-Krabbe, Julia and Annika Lindberg. 2019. “Enforcing Apartheid? The Politics of ‘Intolerability’ in the Danish Migration and Integration Regimes”. Migration and Society, 1(2). 2019.
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Book chapters

  • Lindberg, Annika. Forthcoming. “Minimum Rights Policies Targeting People Seeking Protection in Denmark and Sweden”, in Abdelhady, D., Gren, N. and Joormann, M. (eds.), Refugees and the Violence of European Welfare Bureaucracies, Manchester: Manchester University Press. 
  • Edward, Stanley and Annika Lindberg. Forthcoming. “Contested dreams, stolen futures: Struggles over hope in the European deportation regime”, In Bhatia, M., Canning, V. and Khosravi, S. (2020) Stealing Time: Migration, Temporality and Necropolitics, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Lindberg, Annika. 2020. "In the Best Interest of Whom? Professional Humanitarians and Selfie Samaritans in the Danish Asylum Industry", in McGuirk, Siobhán & Adrienne Pine (2020). Asylum for Sale: Profit and Protest in the Migration Industry. Oakland: PM Press.

Book reviews

  • Lindberg, Annika. 2019. “Challenging Landscapes of Confinement: Book review of Flynn, Michael J. and Matthew B. Flynn. Challenging Immigration Detention: Academics, Activists and Policy-makers.”, Transfers, 9(1).
  • Lindberg, Annika. 2018. “Review of Didier Fassin (ed). 2017. If Truth be Told: The politics of public ethnography. Durham, NC: Duke University Press””. Social Anthropology, 26(3): pp. 430-431.

Reports and other online contributions

  • HS19: Immigration, Racism and Inequality in Contemporary Europe

  • FS19: State, Power and Bureaucracy

  • FS17: Migration and Asylum in Europe

  • HS16: Not- und Ausnahmezustand in Recht und Gesellschaft