MA Sociology

The Institute of Sociology offers two master level programs: a mono master (90 ECTS) and a master minor (30 ECTS). In the course of their studies, students will deepen their sociological kowledge and strengthen their analytical skills. Students are encouraged to profit from a range of elective courses that are offered at times in the areas of law, psychology, geography and anthropology or at the Social Sciences Department. 

Master courses in Sociology are mainly held in German. A very good command of German is therefore essential.

Overview of studies and career opportunities

Studying Sociology at the University of Bern


The master's program covers a wide range of sociologically relevant subjects: Our current research projects and teaching illustrate the broad spectrum of research interests that our four professorships are dedicated to. In addition, students are encouraged to complement their studies with elective courses in neighboring disciplines. In return, students of other disciplines enrich our seminars with participation in sociological courses.  


The program involves relatively few regulations for compulsory courses. This alows students to structure the course of their studies individually and in accordance with their personal thematic interests. 


The Institute of Sociology strives to maintain an excellent relationship between staff and students. Lecturers are available for questions and easy to contact, which allows for straightforward interaction. The size of our institute further facilitates close student supervision. 

Master's with excellent prospects

The master's degree in sociology is an excellent foundation for pursuing a variety of professional career paths. Our graduates are highly welcome in research institutions as well as the labor market in general. Therefore, graduates profit from swift and successful transition into their professional career. 

Detailed Information