Titleimage: Institute of Sociology

Sociological research at the University of Bern combines the both equally relevant fields of basic theoretical and methodological research with research on contemporary sociological issues. Our main research areas cover migration, political and environmental sociology, sociology of religion and culture as well as sustainable social development, social inequality, game theory, network and social capital research, education and labor markets.

The sum of our research projects reflects the institute’s leitmotiv in research and teaching: to contribute to sociological debates and beyond with practically relevant research on the global scale as well as in the context of Switzerland.

The Institute of Sociology holds four full professorships in general sociology (Prof. Dr. Christian Joppke), empirical social research (Prof. Dr. Axel Franzen), structural social analysis (Prof. Dr. Ben Jann) and sustainable social development (Prof. Dr. Sonja Vogt). In addition, the institute hosts a research professorship (Prof. Dr. Christian Imdorf), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Since 2014, the institute hosts the SNSF funded project “Transition from Education to Employment (TREE).

The institute provides teaching and support for bachelor courses and offers a master’s program which emphasizes the development of both quantitative and qualitative methodological skills.